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Earth Angels


A fashion film shot completely on 16mm featuring sustainable designer, Luis Angel Zepeda, as he and his Earth Angels embark on an ethereal seaside journey


Earth Angels /  Jazzy Mercedes (@j_u_p_e_t_her_j_a_z_z),  Maya Edmond (@prismessbeam),  Luis Angel Zepeda (@luis.angel.zepeda)

cinematographer / Mounir Souss (@aicha_qandisa)

film score & sound / Keane Nwede  (@leavesgrowtrees)

film editor /  Perry Finley (@perryfinley)

film colorist /  Jacq Miller (@jacquelinemillerfilms)

vocals / Jazzy Mercedes (@j_u_p_e_t_her_j_a_z_z)

creative director /  Luis Angel Zepeda (@luis.angel.zepeda)

styling /

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