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Entre luces y sombras


"Entre luces y sombras" is the first live session of artist Gi Pegnotti accompanied by her band. A record of four songs set in a scene of light and shadow projected against different materials. The lights and lasers controlled live by the light artist  "FLUXLIAN" create a fantastical ambienance that reflect the emotions of each song. The music is a form of catharsis that undulates between states of joy, fantasy, existential crisis, and angst with which we experience the light and darkness of life.


Sofía Zambonini producción

Macarena Aira producción


Aphra vestuario


Emilia Diéguez vestuario


Carmela Lumi fotos


Jacqueline Miller color

Ninio Gris color


Ivan Ortega cámara


Juan Sahagvian cámara


Grupo Fluxlian luces y escenografía

Paloma Fernández maquillaje

Nicolas Morbelli sonido y grabación en vivo

Lucas Zambonini sonido y grabación en vivo

Ricardo Pegnotti asistencia sonido, mix y mastering

Gina Pegnotti edición de video

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